How To Pick The Best Braces Colors?

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Braces Colors

One of the best things to do for yourself is to get your teeth straightened. Along with serving an aesthetic function, it will also help you talk and chew properly. It might also manage pain in those with severe conditions. One of the things you may be considering if you have an appointment for brace treatment at the best dental office is the band color. After all, it would be obvious when you eat, grin, and take pictures! Here are some of the braces color ideas for braces to assist you.

Colors that make your teeth appear whiter?

Teeth are only naturally white in infants, which changes to a pale grey or light yellow color as you age. It happens because as your teeth’s enamel wears off over time, it reveals the dentin underneath, which is more yellow and deeper in color. Avoid warm-colored bands if you have yellow-colored teeth because they will draw attention to that color. Darker colors are an excellent choice to make your smile look whiter, and the best braces colors are navy blue and dark purple.

Colors that match your skin tone

If you’re getting braces for the first time, it’s an excellent idea to consider your skin tone. For example, if you have a light skin tone, you can choose bright colors like light pink or light blue braces. If you have a golden or yellow hue to your braces, it might be a good idea to go for warm shades like firey red and gold. Choose purple or blue-undertoned colors like cherry reds if your skin is cool-toned with pink or blue undertones.

Color that matches your eye color

Dark brown eyes are common, but some people also regularly wear colored contact lenses to correct their vision. Because of this, picking your brace colors based on the color of your eyes is a fantastic idea. If your eyes are brown, you should use earthy hues like blues and greens. Pink, blue, and lilac are excellent choices if you have blue eyes.

What braces colors should you avoid?

Colors that can be mistaken for food

While sporting braces could be viewed as a chance to express your personality, there are some colors you should avoid. According to an orthodontics specialist of Florida, you should pick colors that won’t be confused with food because colorful bands can be seen from a distance. Therefore, avoiding dark shades of green, brown, and black is a good choice. While the last is similar to rotting teeth, the former two are readily confused with food that has become trapped in your mouth.

Colors that can stain easily

You wouldn’t want bands that could get stained. Speaking of shades that could be mistaken for food—unless you took good care of them. Because of this, clear elastics might not be a choice for you, especially if you eat foods that are dark in color, like curry and coffee. Choose silver or grey colors if you still want low-maintenance braces with a modest and subtle appearance.


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