How Should I Sleep if My Back Hurts?

September 29, 2022 0
How Should I Sleep if My Back Hurts

Dealing with back pain can be a nuisance, especially at night. Back pain makes your night difficult for comfortable sleep; with different positions, it gets worse and leads to sleep deprivation. If you are suffering from back pain, regardless caused by bad posture, stress, arthritis, or any medical condition. There are five ways to improve the quality of your sleep. If you find any such condition contact a back pain center to know what is best for you. 

How should you lay in the fetal position?

Lying on your side can help open the space between your spinal vertebrae and lessen tension on your discs; it also prevents your spine from curving backward. And avoid conditions from getting worsen.

Is sleeping in a Reclined Position Safe for Your Back and Neck?

Reclined position can help reduce the pressure on your spine and support your back by creating a slight angle between your trunk and thighs. If you still do not find relief, contact a back pain treatment center for better treatment and diagnosis of issues.

Lying on your side with pillow support to your knees

The crucial part of such a position is the pillow support to your knees. It helps reduce lower back pain and keeps proper alignment of your spinal cord.

Is lying on your stomach with a pillow Supporting your abdomen and pelvis suitable?

A patient suffering from degenerative disc disease may benefit the most in this sleeping position. Also, it can reduce the stress that rests on your discs. Suppose you don’t find any relief; consult a back pain relief center for proper medical treatment and therapies. 

Is putting a pillow under your knees good when you are lying flat?

This position can help your back keep its natural curve while distributing the body weight more evenly and reduce stress on the lumbar spine with the help of pillow support.

Activity is more effective than bed rest.

When sciatica is severe, the patient might feel pain, find it hard to bear, and may need rest for a day or two. However, back pain specialists will not advise too much resting because prolonged resting or inactivity can increase the pain and lead to deconditioning. You should allow your body to move regularly for better blood flow for healing nutrients to the injured structures.

While physical therapy and exercise are electives, it’s an individual’s choice to participate or not. It is typically essential to resolve back pain’s signs and symptoms and helps prevent long-term sciatica. 


Back pain may affect the quality of your day-to-day life and productivity, especially if it’s severe. However, that doesn’t mean it has to take on the quality and duration of your sleep. Each person is different, and your doctor may recommend one or more of these sleeping positions to relieve your back pain and help you improve sleep and your cognitive performance, mood, energy level, and immune system. Therefore you should consider visiting a doctor for back treatments if you find pain and sensation in your back while sleeping.

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