Why Use Power Chain Braces?

July 5, 2022 0
power chains braces

They aren’t chains like a necklace or bike chain; metal is only very infrequently used to make them. They often make these power chains braces of a series of O ring loops linked in a row to resemble a chain, much like your elastic ligatures.

They customize these chain lengths to your specific needs. Each loop in the chain will be fastened by pediatric dentist Miami fl around a single bracket, joining a few teeth together. Single or multiple teeth or your complete upper or lower arch may cover with chains.

Why do orthodontists suggest power chains?

These chains desire to maintain their original shape because they typically construct them of the same elastic materials as your ligatures or bands. Even if stretched out between your brackets, they will attempt to revert to their previous shape. Your teeth are moved together as a result of their contraction.

If you stretch a rubber band too far, they lose its flexibility over time and cease functioning. Because of this, every time you visit our pediatric dentist Miami office for an adjustment, you’ll probably receive a new power chain.

How can a power chain help in enhancing your smile?

Power chains typically enter your treatment plan following the initial phase of alignment. Although you can use them to straighten teeth or improve bites, they are most frequently used to bridge gaps between teeth.

Following a tooth extraction, there may be a gap. You might see gaps between your teeth as they shift into their new places. Power chains can fix these gaps more quickly than braces and wires because they can move the teeth closer together.

What power chain options do we have?

These chains typically come in one of three shapes: closed/continuous, short, and long, depending on the size, spacing, and treatment plan of your teeth. The spacing between the rings is the only variation. We will select the chain type that is most appropriate for your care. You may contribute by customizing your power chain.

Power chains come in a wide range of power chain colors that you may mix and match. If you have ties in addition to chains, you can even coordinate with your ligatures. There are several whites, silver, or transparent braces tints if you want them to blend in.

Who can wear the power chain, and for how long?

Anyone is a candidate for the usage of a power chain throughout treatment, unlike some orthodontic treatment methods where a patient’s age can influence the type of treatment. It implies that you and your adolescent can wear power chain braces simultaneously. Similar to many other problems, the answer to this one also depends on the particular circumstances of each situation.

Each person’s treatment will last a different amount of time. While some patients need to wear braces power chain for six months, others can finish their treatment in just six. The orthodontist may maintain the power chains in place even after it may have remedied the specific issue for which they were employed on the braces to prevent it from reverting.


We hope the above-given information will give you valuable insight regarding power chain braces. The above article shows the informative and essential factors regarding braces power chains. For further details about power chains, please check out ivanovortho.com.

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