Why Do You Need Power Chain Braces?

August 2, 2022 0
Power Chain Braces

Are you looking for a perfectly aligned smile? Your orthodontist may recommend something like power chain braces to close the gaps between your teeth. Do you know what power chain braces are? Power chains braces are the most suitable treatment to complete the process of closing gaps between your teeth.

Generally, orthodontists recommend dental braces to straighten teeth and for bite correction. Power chain braces are an elastomeric type connected to a chain of elastic O-rings compared to the O-ring on each bracket. Even power chain braces are available in different power chain colors.

What Do Power Chain Braces Do?

 There are various reasons to pick power chain elastomeric, such as;

Exert more force:

Primarily, the objective of the braces power chain is to enhance the pressure on your teeth.

Easy to apply:

Power chains are more accessible for your orthodontist to install. The row of o-rings is ongoing. Orthodontists use stretched o-ring to hold the brackets on each of your teeth. However, applying an O-ring to each bracket may consume more time than using a power chain.

Multiple uses:

The elastomers of the power chain offer numerous movements, including ending spaces, de-rotating teeth, and much more. These movements allow teeth to reach a good final position.

What Are The Treatment Goals Of Power Chain Braces?

 Power chain braces Miami Florida can benefit an individual in several treatments like;

Close gaps in teeth:

Power chain elastomeric allows patients to have even spacing between teeth after a dental restoration procedure like crowns, veneers, and fillings. 

Promote even spacing:

Power chain elastomers  creates even spacing between your teeth. Professionals use this when the teeth need further dental procedures such as fillings, crowns, or veneers.

Aligning crooked teeth:

Power chain elastomeric applies slow & constant pressure to get perfectly aligned teeth.

Rotating teeth:

After some time, the power chain elastomeric allows teeth to return to normal position.

Bite correction:

Power chain elastomeric is a great way to correct your biting issues. You can relieve from misalignment and malocclusion of your teeth. Such oral problems can arise from childhood habits like tongue thrusting or thumb sucking.

Power chain elastomeric is a form of dental appliance attached to a chain of elastic O-rings. Orthodontists use it to align crooked teeth, fix rotated teeth, create regular & even spacing between teeth, and correct malocclusions. 

However, it may have side effects like root resorption, bacteria building up, pain, etc. When you take care of your braces properly, you will get the treatment effects for longer, and the discomfort will be significantly less. Therefore, visit Miami shores dentist to get a suitable solution to your condition. If you think you need power chain braces to get a positive transformation in your smile, book an appointment with your sunny isles beach orthodontist and get expected results now.

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