When A Home Based Business Becomes An Obsession

December 7, 2020 0

Did you know that there is too much of a good thing? Did you know that your home based business may become an obsession? While you may laugh at the latter, consider the fact that there are those who put in three times as many hours into their home based business than they did when they were working a corporate. What kind of sense does this make? Since many a would-be entrepreneur cites the wish to spend more time with friends and family, this appears to be oxymoronic, or does it?

Here are the top five signs that your home based business has become an obsession:

1. You spend more time working for your home based business than you did working at your corporate job. Remember that this does not apply to the initial start up, a phase that may cover a time period of three weeks to three months. Instead, it refers to the day to day operations of an up and running home based business.

2. None of the personal goals you set when starting your home based business are realized six months after its start. If your children still have to go to daycare, or you and your spouse are still dining on frozen dinners instead of the home cooked meals you envisioned, then the odds are good that you simply exchanged one job for another.

3. Your home based business may be an obsession if it enters every conversation you have. This is especially true if your business is multi level marketing or affiliate marketing. If you find that every conversation you have somehow leads to the business, then it has transcended its function from being a means to an end to being the end itself.

4. You are tempted to, or may already have, engage in increasingly financially risky schemes and deals in order to finance the business and help it to grow and get to the next level. If you are thinking of mortgaging your home to finance your business expansion or if you are maxing out your credit cards to fund a major ad campaign, you know you are going too far.

5. Even if one particular home based business or business opportunity is not taken to excess, the investment in any number of them at the same time or concurrently, or the constant involvement in the latest multi level marketing fads and Internet get rich quick schemes is a warning sign that you are not being a business persona but instead obsessed with making money online.

Please remember that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with wanting to succeed with your home based business. However, if you are taking the chasing of your success too far, or if you find that none of the goals you have set for yourself have materialized after six months but instead you find that more and more you are compromising your priorities, then you may wish to consider either a different home based business or a return to the corporate world to keep your commitments to your family.

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