What size is M4 Stainless Steel Eye Bolts?

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M stands for the diameter of the metric thread of an M4 eye bolt. Solid connection with polished surface, no sharp edges. A bolt with a small eyelet. A line at one end and a closed loop at the other. The design includes shoulders so that it can be tightened firmly. M4 eye bolt, that is, the thread diameter is 0.14″ (3.6mm), and the screw shank length is 0.39″ (10mm). The thread pitch is 0.7mm. The inner diameter of the circle is 0.43″ (10.9mm), and the thickness of the ring is 0.16″ (4mm). The total length is 1.18 inches (30mm) (to the eyes). Collared machine eye bolts are fully threaded bolts suitable for lifting angular loads to 45 degrees. However, lifting an angular load reduces the capacity of the eyebolt. Heavy duty forged through eyebolts can be developed with integral shoulders and lift heavy eccentric loads. Depending on the size and metal content, it can serve as a connecting point for rigging, fastening, pulling, pushing, or lifting. These eye bolts offer corrosion resistance and are available in two finishes—bare steel for dry applications or galvanized for wet conditions. For additional strength and corrosion resistance, it can also be hot-dip galvanized. These eyebolts are also offered in stainless steel stocks 304 and 316. 304 stainless steel has the highest chemical resistance, and 316 stainless steel has the best chemical resistance.

Stainless Steel Eye Bolts

How thick metal can the SS Socket Head Cap Screw go through?

A threaded fastener whose head diameter is 1.5 times the average screw shank diameter is typically referred to as a stainless steel socket head cap screw (outer diameter). Forged heat-treated alloys such as various stainless steel socket head cap screws offer high strength. They are intended for some of the most demanding mechanical applications in the industry. The alloy formulations in stainless steel hex socket head bolts can maintain tensile strength in temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, many industries rely on stainless steel hex socket head bolts for their convenience in limited-space applications. An expected benefit for many users is that fewer stainless steel cap screws are required for all applications, thus reducing the need for drilling and tapping. Stainless steel wire lock hole bolts, mainly used in applications such as railways, nuclear power, automobiles, wind turbines, and construction, are more resistant to vibration than regular hexagon socket head bolts. Made of alloy 316 or 304, these fasteners are plated or electroplated to improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel roundhead flanged hex socket head bolts.

Is Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Screw strong?

These screws are solid and durable. Depending on the product’s intended usage, these socket head cap screws are made from various stainless steel grades. They have excellent mechanical qualities, including outstanding toughness, improved corrosion resistance, and increased strength. The design ensures that the socket head cap screw remains firm and robust. They always resist corrosion, even when scratched, dented, or shattered. These are ideal for rigging, lashing, and other demanding applications. These screws come in several grades, with 304 being the most popular. Grade 316 can be used in saltwater applications and is resistant to sea spray and salt. Socket head bolts are screws that are widely used in industrial fields and assembly lines. Many names know them, but the most common are hex or socket head screws. They’re popular because they’re some of the most substantial bolts available due to their high tensile strength and torque. They are cheap and straightforward to install with a hex wrench. This makes it ideal for many applications where space is an issue.

What are SS Eye Bolts used for?

An eyebolt is a bolt with an eye or a hole. Eyebolts have a shank for fastening structures or equipment and a ring for attaching ropes, hooks, or other hardware. They are used as anchor eyes for routing or securing wires and cables. Eyebolts are rated for vertical lifting up to the rated working load limit. Eyebolts have many uses. Steel eyebolts are frequently used in the rigging business, making excellent anchor points for various rigging applications. Eye bolts also called lag eyes, have a look on one end and a threaded shank that tapers to the tip. They are mainly used for light-duty applications and are screwed into wood or tie rods. These do not have a working load limit and are not recommended for overhead lifts or heavy loads. These can be drilled into holes. These are robust and perfect for fairy lights, hanging decorations, and illuminations. Great for clotheslines, wire ropes, and chain link fences, these are durable and sturdy.

What is the price difference between stainless steel eye hooks in Turkey and Bahrain?

There is a slight difference in the prices of these hooks in Turkey and Bahrain, primarily due to the stainless steel quality and the strength and durability of the eye hooks. The quality of stainless steel eye hooks from Turkey is much more trusted and durable than that of Bahrain. A pack of 10 hooks costs TRY342 in turkey, and the exact cost in Bahrain is BHD7. 

How do you select an Indian stainless steel eye bolt supplier compared to the Chinese?

India is one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel eye bolts. It is a term used to refer to components used to hold two different parts together mechanically. It can be used temporarily or permanently, depending on the part it has. Helps prevent accidents caused by loose parts. These include nuts, studs, screws, rivets, hinges, bolts, and handles. To stably maintain the weight of the pieces keeping it, each of these parts must be of good quality. Unrivaled skill and process precision are used in our products for accuracy. Petersen Stainless might be for you if you’re looking for quality fasteners for your project. , Petersen stainless is a company that specializes in fastener manufacturing and offers a wide variety of fasteners. They provide product customization services with factory prices according to customers’ requests.

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