What is the difference between the ss304 and ss 202 round bars?

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Different types of equipment used in various industries require different types of raw materials. While some industries require metals such as hard iron and alike, many of the industries require stainless steel for the formation of a number of materials.

Stainless Steel 304 (ss304) is the most versatile and widely used stainless steel. It comprises 18% chromium and 8% nickel which is why it is also called 18/8 stainless steel. Along with those, it contains 0.07% of Carbon, 0- 2% of Manganese, and 0-1% Silicon with Phosphorus, Sulphur, and Iron in balanced amounts. It offers a tensile strength of 520-720 MPa and is conveniently hard. Stainless Steel 202 (ss202) also forms a widely used type of stainless steel. It differs from ss304 in the composition of the steel type. It contains up to 0.15% of Carbon, 7.50-10% of Manganese,    1.0% of Silicon, 17-19% of Chromium, and 4-6% of Nickel along with Sulphur, Phosphorus, and other materials.

The difference between Stainless Steel 202 Round Bar and ss304 Round Bar mainly lies due to the difference in the composition of the materials. SS202 has low nickel content therefore, the round bar of the same type has low corrosion resistance. However, 303 Stainless Steel Round Bars are more expensive than the ss202 bars.

What type of equipment is used for testing the stainless steel 202 round bar?

With industries rising up all around the world at a rapid rate, we need to make sure the product we buy is of good quality. The industries have become so crowded that there are just too many options to choose from. In order to check the authenticity of the steel product several tests are performed with different equipment in the industries.

There is a most common test called the “magnet test”. It involves taking a magnet to the stainless steel cookware to check if it sticks to it. If it does stick, it’s “safe”, indicating no nickel presence, but if it doesn’t stick, then it’s not safe and contains nickel. This is for cookware stainless steel but similarly, for grade 303 stainless steel, tests like Chemical test, Fitting test, Alloy test, Radiography test, Macro and micro-test, Hydrostatic test, Impact test, etc are put up.

What type of stainless steel is 303 stainless steel round bar?

Stainless steel consists of iron, carbon, and chromium along with other materials in different compositions. Numerous grades are available that are significant in different defined applications.

Grade 303 of stainless steel is an austenitic stainless steel with 17-19% chromium, sulfur 0.15-0.30% with nickel 8-10%, manganese, silicon, and phosphorus. The presence of sulfur in the steel tends to increase the machinability but lowers the corrosion resistance to some extent. Grade 303 round bars are long cylindrical-shaped bars with different dimensions. They have a high machining rating and are polished, sturdy, and tensile, with an excellent finish. They are widely used in parts of heavy machinery and give a smooth texture when processed completely.

Can a 303 stainless steel bar be welded?

Stainless Steel Grade 303 is generally not recommended for welding because of its composition which determines its weldability. The Steel Grade 303 consists of 0-0.15% of Sulphur and this addition of sulfur results in poor weldability. Without weldability itself, the stainless steel grade is used in various applications in industries including applications that require parts to be heavily machined, like Nuts and bolts, Screws, Gears, Aircraft fittings, Bushings, Shafts, and many more.

When welding becomes an absolute necessity, Grade 303 stainless steel is recommended to be welded with filler rods or electrodes made up of grades 308L and 309 stainless steel. When these welds are strictly annealed, they provide maximum corrosion resistance which is always a good consequence.

What you will ask while buying from 303 stainless steel round bar suppliers in the UAE?

Stainless Steel is manufactured in industries after which they’re supplied by suppliers to the consumers. Many suppliers can be found all around the world that give offers with the supply as well as provides you a trusted delivery.

303 Stainless Steel Round Bars Suppliers have their own website to refer to. The presence of these websites makes it easier for us to look into the properties of different products as well as go through a variety of options to choose from. In international countries including UAE, these websites also help in finding the best source of materials as well as getting to ask the provider questions about the quality of the materials.

Why are manufacturing costs of ss 202 round bars higher in India compared to China?

Chinese and Indian markets frequently become a topic of discussion in our day-to-day life. As of now, we know the Chinese market is the largest in the world for producing goods and India becomes a good market for consumers.

However, as we have moved forward we’ve seen India progressing as a producer too. In the scenario of steel products like any other industry, Chinese companies remain forward, fast and cheap. This is because China has an abundance of vast material and resources, and the machinery and technology is far more advanced than India, which makes the manufacturing of products a lot cheaper when compared to India. But, with passing time, we can see India has also gradually held its ground and is aptly manufacturing products including stainless steel goods, and that too in higher quality, which makes the rates of these ss202 round bars run higher. The product manufactured in India remains of far better quality than what you can get from China at a cheaper rate.

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