What Do You Know About Underbite?

May 9, 2022 0

What is an underbite? An underbite or malocclusion is a dental condition where your lower set of teeth extends farther than your upper teeth. Usually, it happens because of misalignment of the jaw. Not all underbites are the same. There are various levels. In a mild or less severe case, you may not be able to detect or identify it from outside. In extreme cases, the jaw shifts outward so far that it can be noticeable to others. An underbite is more than just a basic cosmetic issue. They can create a massive problem for your jaw and teeth.

You might even have trouble speaking correctly in severe cases. The wear and strain on your front teeth might result from an underbite. As a result, teeth are more prone to chip or break. When your jaw isn’t in the proper position, you could have trouble chewing. People who have underbites may feel self-conscious about it. It might have a negative impact on a person’s confidence, self-esteem, and social life.

How can you fix or treat an underbite?

Fortunately, You can correct most underbites with conventional orthodontics. It may require underbite surgery in some circumstances. How to fix underbite? The treatments given during childhood and adolescence are frequently the most effective. When the jaw is still growing, it is somewhat malleable. You can successfully treat adult people with underbites, but you may often require surgery. How bad your underbite is will determine the type of therapy you’ll need to fix your underbite is determined by how bad it is.


Underbite braces can help you straighten your teeth and realign your jaw in mild cases of an underbite. An orthodontist will evaluate your situation and will then apply braces. After that, you may need to wear a retainer to help keep the new form.

Treatment using a facemask.

As the given name suggests, a facemask is a device you need to wear on your face. It lies on your chin and forehead. Elastics need to link with the gadget and subsequently to your upper jaw. The goal is to realign both the upper and lower jaws by pulling your upper jaw forward.


In difficult situations of an underbite, surgery is a viable option for underbite correction. It can help you sleep better by correcting sleep apnea caused by an underbite, realigning your jaw, and relieving pain. Surgery usually is reserved as the last option after you reach the point when you stop developing.


Facemask therapy and elastics treatment both depend on the same principle. You need to wear the elastics inside the mouth and help to stabilize the upper jaw by pulling it forward. ‌

Is there a way to treat underbite without surgery?

The time for non-surgical treatments to work varies depending on specific situations and treatment requirements. If you are a candidate for underbite correction without surgery, you may be able to complete your treatment sooner than you expect. You can correct an underbite with braces or clear aligners.

A dentist may offer metal braces or transparent aligners to shift teeth into the correct and proper position for moderate cases. A dentist may use grinding gear to shave down more prominent teeth in some circumstances. The duration or length of therapy will vary depending on the severity of the underbite and the treatment approach.


We learned some valuable details regarding underbite treatment from the above-given details. In the above information, we discuss how to fix an underbite. And the various therapies to fic an underbite. For more information regarding underbite, don’t hesitate to contact ivanovortho.com.

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