What are the consequences of the underbite?

March 29, 2023 0
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Underbite can be a severe and harmful problem for all those patients who leave this untreated. Having a set of straight teeth can boost one’s self-esteem and confidence, but not everyone’s teeth develop in the same way. Proper dental care and orthodontic treatment can help improve an individual’s overall health and well-being.

 Sometimes, it is not just your teeth that need straightening.

The way your jaw sits can play a role as well, and your jaw has an upper part and a lower one. Continue reading the article to get a clear description of underbites and how to treat them correctly to stop further consequences.

What does the term underbite explain?

An underbite happens when the lower jaw protrudes further than the upper jaw. This can cause difficulty in chewing, digestion, and other issues. It can be uncomfortable and lead to other medical issues. This can cause problems with chewing, digestion, and other conditions. This is usually when the permanent teeth do not come in the alignment way, and this causes the teeth to misalign.

 What are the consequences faced by the underbite?

If the underbite is left untreated, then there can be some severe problems that can result in other oral problems and unhygienic situations likewise:

  • This might cause pain in the tooth while brushing or eating.
  • This will not allow the patient to chew the food properly.
  • This can also result in more explicit speech and mispronunciation of some words or letters.
  • This will also result in a decrease in self-confidence.
  • This might also lead to uneven facial features if this has been treated on time.
  • This might also cause tooth cavities or decay as there will not be adequate cleaning and flossing of the teeth.

 What is the treatment for the underbite?

After reading about the problems and consequences if this treatment is left untreated. So it is better to get treatment for this. Here are a few treatment options that the orthodontist Miami beach offers to their patients

  • Dentists prefer to treat this with aligners or underbite braces that can shift the teeth and align the jaw into an accurate position.
  • Some dentists also prefer to go with the jaw surgery necessary to position the jaw.
  • They also use the chin cap, which is used in children with developing underbites.
  • They also use palatal expansion, which is a device that is used to broaden the underbite.

Summing it up:

We hope you like the blog and will visit the dentist to treat the underbite. Overall, this has to be treated by the pediatric dentist in Miami as soon as possible. This might lead to further problems, like a tooth infection or maybe any fungal infection, which can happen due to the poor cleaning of the mouth. Consider booking an orthodontist North Miami appointment for further consultation and sessions.

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