stainless steel 304 tube fittings

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What are high pressure compression fittings?

High pressure compression fittings are amongst the common and easiest way to connect equipment efficiently. They are produced by compressing material in the equipment to create a strong seal. It is employed to create a versatile and reliable connection type for long periods. The grade helps in handling higher pressure and temperature media across harsh environments. It is compatible with a range of aggressive fluids that can be seen in gas line refineries and even in plumbing for your sinks. In certain cases, their assemblies vary in design from one manufacturer to other. They comprise three basic elements that include a compression nut, ferrules, or a fitting body. It can be customized in an array of sizes to suit all project requirements.

stainless steel 304 tube fittings

3000 PSI vs 6000 PSI compression tube fittings

The pressure rating of compression tube fittings is based on the temperature they can withstand as it rises. The 6000 PSI rated item has a better rating and strength compared to the 3000 PSI grade. The 3000# is cheaper compared to the latter.

What are the functions of male run tee and male elbow

A male run tee and elbow are primarily used to connect fractional tubes directly to a female thread. Both these fittings are primarily employed to characterize and influence the flow of fluids and gases in the system. A male elbow is used to change the direction of the media in the system. They are available in 45, 90, and 180 degrees specifications. However, they can also be availed in 22.5, 60, 120, and 180 degree angles for specialized applications. They allow for the creation of leakproof sealing and allow for a smooth flow of media. The bends don’t hinder the pressure or temperature point of the applications. It is available with either a long or short radius type and is available as an equal or reducing type grade.

A run male tee is a three sided fitting having 2 outlets with one inlet section. The T shaped item has a 90 degrees connection to the main line. In simple terms, it is a short piece of pipe having a lateral outlet. It helps connect the pipelines efficiently at the right angle with the lines. They are used extensively in pipeline networks that help in the efficient transportation of two-phased fluid mixtures. They are available either as equal or reduced grade types. Apart from this, they are available as a straight, sanitary, cross, wing, and compression type tees.

Both pieces of equipment are available in an array of sizes and material types that allow them to be utilized in different applications. 

Things to remember when buying stainless steel tube fittings in UAE?

A SS tube fitting in the UAE should be purchased from the best suppliers. The first step is to select a vendor who offers all test certifications and can be trusted in the industry. You must also see that they have the required items in an array of sizes to suit customer requirements. The next important thing to note is the origin of the product they are from. The stainless steel 304 tube fittings from China are cheaper when compared to other countries. But it is important to note that it is not of the best quality. This is due to the fact that they manufacture in bulk to supply to the global markets and eliminate any competition. While doing that, they completely neglected the production standards and quality standards. This has gravely affected how the products will perform in the system. If you want a reliable product, then this is something you should stay away from. The stainless steel 304l tube fittings from India are one of the tops in the industry. This is due to the quality of products produced in this country. The manufacturers here follow all testing and quality assurance methods. This allows them to produce some of the best products in the market today. They allow you to check all the mill reports and test certificates to see how they perform in different conditions. All these features make them highly trustworthy in the industry today. Not only this, they have a long service life that gives them an edge. Finally, they have good transportation channels that allow them to deliver products to your doorstep within a short period. So, select a reliable quality fitting when compared to a cheap item. This will cost you more capital in the long run when you are going for a short term gain.

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