How To Check If The Gems Are Real Or Fake?

January 3, 2023 0
Emerald Gemstone

Gemstones are rare and precious, so they have a high marketing price. These gems are mined from the earth’s crust and have immense value. Buying a gemstone is a big thing, and what if you buy a fake one or a default one? The money you save to purchase a genuine natural gemstone will all go wasted. Moreover, suppose you wear a fake rock, as in jewelry. In that case, it won’t work, and sometimes wearing a defaulted gemstone can affect you adversely and put you at more risk. So before buying from an online gemstone supplier, check your gem entirely with all the required certificates and marks.  

Many people talk about homemade techniques for checking a gemstone, but do they work? There are some homemade techniques; the gem’s authenticity is studied by changing the color of milk by putting the rock into the milk.

But according to a certified and professional gemologist, all these techniques are improper. These techniques can’t tell whether a gemstone is natural or not. Gems are made of minerals, and their physical and chemical properties conflict from gem to gem, so no myth needs to apply to all gems.

Suggesting a gemologist or your known jeweler will be a good option. But as the basics, you can check out these gemstones by their physical deformation, like their surface, cavities, scratches, and black spots inside the gems.

How is a gemstone fake?

Gemstones are of two types; natural, which are found in the earth’s crust, like natural ruby, Emerald Gemstone, Natural Diamond, and other semi-precious and precious gemstones.

And second, synthetic ones like lab-created sapphire, synthetic opal, lab-created emerald, and other lab-created gems made by humans and created in the lab are lab-created gemstones.

And a fake gemstone is identical to a natural stone; an imitation, on the other hand, is made of different material and has a different chemical composition and physical properties than the natural gem material being imitated.

Synthetic gemstones are known as fake gemstones. They look exactly like a natural gem, look more appealing, and physically seem like natural gemstones. They are much cheaper than natural gemstones and have spiritual values ZERO. You can wear synthetic gems only for fashion or because they look good, but it can’t be good to take the usefulness of the gem.

How do Gemologists tell about a gemstone if it is accurate or fake?

A gemologist has an eagle eye. They can see and tell whether the gem is real or fake. Their view on any gemstone can’t be untrue because they have more experience and knowledge about gems and have worked for years in gems and jewelry; there are some basic things that a gemologist can feel or measure. They have all tools and measures to check whether the stone is real or fake.

After checking it on several parameters, the gemologist confirms whether it is a real one or not. Which gives the same report as a gemstone.


You can buy gems online, but before purchasing a gemstone, check all its certifications and laboratory tests. If you buy a rock according to your birth date or zodiac sign, consult your jeweler or a gemologist.

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