How Do You Test For Compliance In ADA?

March 4, 2022 0

ADA 508 Compliance

When you want more practical, mechanical, and usable tips about ADA 508 compliance, ADA Compliance Pros is generally a great place to go. They dive right in and give you practical tips to make sure you understand the social and legal dimensions of ADA 508 compliance, including 508 compliance checkers to assist with 508 compliance testing. While it is true that no one set of tips about section 508 compliance testing can give you a 100% success rate, you can get pretty close if you approach things the way ADA Compliance Pros guides you.

Section 508 Compliance Testing

This is one of those websites you might not have heard of, but that has some interesting perspectives to share about ADA 508 compliance and section 508 compliance testing.

In one of their blog articles, they provide very insightful perspectives about what section 508 compliance means, including the 14 domains of section 508 compliance and the 16 provisions that websites and web-based applications must adhere to. This underpins section 508 certification for websites and web-based applications as outlined in Section 508 VPAT. This is useful because it provides usable information in a succinct manner.

The approach used in the site’s blog articles is both informative and supportive and encouraging for those who have questions about 508 compliance testing. They talk about what something is, why you would want to do or have it, and how it can benefit you. They’re passionate about what you can get out of it beyond the traffic that other writers focus on getting.

One area where information about section 508 compliance testing has been quite fuzzy is on the “how to” issues one can easily tick-off as they work their way toward checking their ADA 508 compliance. We found this article quite practical in helping us to know where to start and the possible weaknesses in each step. For websites, ADA 508 compliance means adhering to the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) that are founded on four principles: perceivability, operability, understanding, and robustness. These are well articulated in the article.

Section 508 Compliance Checker

Businesses are rapidly adopting digitalization, regardless of whether they’re small or large. As you work on your business’s website, keep in mind that the ADA is in place to ensure that the website is accessible to people with disabilities. There are also many serial litigants that are waiting for you to launch the website for them to make a killing by filing a lawsuit against the website if it fails to adhere to ADA 508 compliance.

What do you do? Our advice is that you run the website through a 508 compliance checker. There are a number of such checkers online, albeit they provide you with only around a 30% accuracy rate. You can also use WCAG’s 508 compliance checklist to review the technical specifications, functional issues, and security of the deployment of your website. 

As observed in this article, during the review, you should keep asking yourself whether people with disabilities can complete the core tasks of the applications on the website when they’re using it.

Furthermore, think about whether the website produces an experience that is accessible to people with disabilities. A manual audit by an accessibility expert is the most reliable way of testing for compliance with the ADA. Always go for experts that have great reviews from their known clients.

We chose ADA Compliance Pros because of the great reviews they received from Sarah Colon of Brown, Neri, Smith, & Khan Company, John Cone of Cone & Kasel Company, and Sam Clowney, who is the Director for US Partnerships Generation USA. We’re their fans and trusted their reviews, and were not disappointed at all!

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