How do I stop my child’s underbite?

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child's underbite

These days maintaining a beautiful and healthy smile may be difficult during growing age and orthodontist problems such as an underbite. Correction in underbites is one of the reasons to consult orthodontists or pediatric dentist miami by the age of seven. At this age, children are growing, and their bones are still in the development phase. Early treatment in childrens can help correct problems such as underbite in a controlled manner. Visit kids orthodontist near me to get proper diagnosis and treatment.

What is an underbite?

A bad bite or underbite is a malocclusion that occurs when the lower half of your mouth extend out beyond the upper teeth and jaw. under bit can be very severe and, in some case, unnoticeable. Get underbite braces now.

What are the causes of an underbite?

Typically, 5-10% of the world’s population suffers from underbite. If a person or his family member has an underbite, then the probability of developing an underbite in your child is high. Usually, children are prone to underbite due to having the habit of tongue thrusts, excessive mouth breathing, and thumb sucking.

Complications of underbites in growing children:

  1. Poor jaw alignment
  2. Difficulty in speaking and swallowing
  3. Tooth cavity
  4. Bad breathing and bacterial infections.
  5. Self-esteem issues

How do you correct underbites in children?

Everyone is unique, and the causes of underbite in children are also different. If parents make the right decisions at their kid’s younger age, the appliances can resolve the problem at the right time. So explore by age seven and highlight the importance of early screening and visit orthodontists specialists in florida. And if the cause of an underbite is due to alignment of the upper or lower jaw and teeth, then this can be corrected by removable retainers and protection facemask.

Miami shores dentist uses a protraction facemask and combines it with an upper jaw extender to correct the bad bite. The treatment for an underbite may range from 6 to a year, depending on your condition.

Are there other methods of correcting an underbite in young children?

The Frankle III appliance:

The Frankie is a device that can be inserted and removed by the patient. When you have a patient is suffering from an underbite due to abnormal growth of the jaw and teeth. It’s essential to use a specific appliance for particular problems and when they grow.

Chin Cup appliance:

Chin Cup is one of the old techniques commonly used during the 60s and 70s. It is a device wrapped around the chin and head, preventing further growth and moment of the lower jaw and teeth. you cannot stop the progress of the lower half but help the upper jaw to compensate for excessive growth of the lower jaw and teeth with a facemask

Hopefully, you find this information useful. Visit a local dentist to get a precise diagnose and treatment.

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