What Are the Most Appropriate Choices for Funeral Flowers in the Philippines?

August 10, 2023 0

Funeral flowers hold a significant place in expressing condolences and honoring the departed in various cultures. In the Philippines, where rich traditions and strong family bonds are deeply rooted, funeral flowers play a vital role in commemorating the lives of the departed. This article delves into the meaningful practice of selecting appropriate funeral flowers Philippines, with a special focus on the Alabang region.

  1. Cultural Significance of Funeral Flowers in the Philippines:

In the Philippines, funeral flowers are more than just floral arrangements; they carry profound cultural meanings. They symbolize respect, sympathy, and solidarity with the grieving family. Flowers are believed to guide the soul of the departed to their eternal resting place and provide comfort to the bereaved. This cultural significance has led to a wide variety of flower choices that hold special meaning during funeral ceremonies.

  1. Traditional Funeral Flower Choices:

In the Philippines, certain flowers have become traditional choices for funerals. White lilies, with their pure and serene appearance, are often selected to convey sympathy and purity. Roses, especially white ones, signify love and respect for the departed. Chrysanthemums, known locally as “krisantemo,” are also commonly used due to their association with honoring the dead. These traditional choices reflect the country’s blend of Catholic and indigenous influences.

  1. Regional Variations and Preferences – A Focus on Alabang:

Alabang, a bustling district in the Philippines, has its own unique preferences when it comes to funeral flowers. The local culture and customs influence the choices made by grieving families. While traditional choices remain popular, there is a growing trend towards incorporating personalized touches into funeral arrangements. Families in Alabang may opt for flowers that reflect the personality and passions of the deceased, such as their favorite colors or blooms.

  1. Unique Floral Arrangements and Tributes:

In recent years, there has been an emergence of creative and unique floral arrangements that go beyond the conventional. Funeral flowers are being used to craft personalized tributes that celebrate the life of the departed. This might include arrangements shaped like musical instruments, sports equipment, or even objects that held special meaning to the deceased. These innovative arrangements not only pay homage to the individual but also provide solace to the grieving family.

  1. Sending Funeral Flowers in Alabang – Bridging the Gap:

With the advancements in technology and the rise of online florists, sending funeral flowers Alabang has become more accessible for those who cannot be physically present. Online platforms allow individuals to choose from a wide array of funeral flower arrangements and have them delivered to the bereaved family. This practice serves as a bridge between those living far away and the grieving family, enabling them to express their condolences in a meaningful way.


Funeral flowers in the Philippines, particularly in the Alabang region, hold a deep cultural significance that extends beyond their aesthetic beauty. They serve as a tangible expression of sympathy, respect, and love for the departed and their grieving family. Whether adhering to traditional choices or embracing innovative arrangements, the act of selecting funeral flowers is a heartfelt gesture that embodies the essence of Filipino culture and compassion. In a world where distances can separate us, the availability of online platforms further emphasizes the importance of this tradition, allowing individuals to connect and convey their condolences even from afar.

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