Do Braces Change Your Face Shape And Appearance?

February 15, 2023 0
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Braces are a great way to fix teeth issues and are famous worldwide. Many people prefer braces to correct their dental problems, which are suitable for dental issues.

Braces apply constant light pressure on your teeth to align them and shift them back to their original position. Your miami orthodontist specialist may call you for regular checkups and tighten the braces as your teeth move to their place.

There are many types of braces available that orthodontists specialists in Florida prefer depending on the case. Lingual braces, ceramic braces, metal braces, or Invisalign. However, many people question do they change the shape of the face. Let’s discuss it.

How do braces change the shape of your face?

Your face shape may change, depending on the braces you pick. All the braces work by applying a constant force on the teeth to align them.

Your periodontal ligament is “the fibrous connective tissue structure” that links your tooth to the nearby bone. As the wire, brackets, and braces bands put constant pressure to align the teeth, your body responds by building bone-growing and bone-destroying cells that start to reshape the shape of the bone and thus your face!

During your treatment, your orthodontist will carefully adjust the force applied to your teeth to get the outcome and guarantee that any changes to your face structure are for the better. Your orthodontist can use bands to alter an overbite or underbite. Because of this, the length of the treatment may vary between 12 and 18 months.

Applying force to the periodontal ligament over time, braces can impact the growth of the jaw and even enhance the structure of the face. This is one of the many significant benefits of getting braces.

Depends on your age.

Getting braces is an effective and versatile alternative for those who want a beautiful smile. Whether you have an overbite, underbite, crowded smile, or a misalignment, you can treat them all with the help of braces. However, the change and degree of the shape of your face can depend on your age and circumstances. You should confirm it with your Florida orthodontic specialists, who will always give you the best solution.

Kids and Teenagers

As for children and growing adolescents, their bodies are growing, and their teeth, gums, jaw bones, and muscles can change. Braces can impact development at this stage more quickly. That’s why orthodontists often recommend braces treatment or other treatments at an early age for teenagers.


Therefore, adults have developed their teeth, gums, jaw, and bones so that they may have changes in facial symmetry. As you age, your teeth and gums become less malleable. And therefore, dental problems like gum disease can affect your facial changes, as your body is less habitual to producing the growing cells.

In Conclusion:

You’ll achieve the best results with the braces treatment with healthy teeth and gums. Talk to your dentist first that you are a good candidate for braces. You can achieve the smile you want. Getting braces treatment is the fastest and most effective way to align your teeth. Consider talking to your affordable braces near me dentist for cost and other helpful information is essential. Book an appointment now!

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