Alberta R. Richie All You Need To Know

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Alberta R. Richie was an American inventor and entrepreneur who made a significant contribution to the manufacturing industry. She is known for her groundbreaking invention, the disposable wooden ice cream stick, which became a staple in the ice cream industry.

Early Life and Education Not much is known about the early life of Alberta R. Richie. She was born in the early 20th century, and her place of birth and family background are not documented. However, it is believed that she was raised in the United States and received a basic education.

Invention of the Disposable Wooden Ice Cream Stick

Alberta R. Richie’s most significant contribution to the manufacturing industry was the invention of the disposable wooden ice cream stick. Prior to this invention, ice cream was served on metal spoons or in cups. However, the invention of the wooden stick made it easier to enjoy ice cream without the need for a utensil.

Alberta R. Richie received a patent for the ice cream stick on June 27, 1950, which was assigned to her employer, the Knickerbocker Plastic Company in Chicago. However, the idea for the stick was sparked during her employment at the J.T. Slocomb Company in New Haven, Connecticut.

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Legacy and Impact

The disposable wooden ice cream stick quickly gained popularity and became a staple in the ice cream industry. Its lightweight and disposable nature made it a cost-effective solution for ice cream vendors, and it also proved to be a hit with consumers. The wooden stick has been used not only for ice cream but for other frozen treats such as popsicles and fudgesicles.

Today, the disposable wooden ice cream stick remains a common sight in ice cream parlors and grocery stores across the world. The invention of the stick was a game-changer for the industry, and it paved the way for other innovations in the manufacturing of food-related products.

Net Worth of Alberta R. Richie

There is no publicly available information on Alberta R. Richie’s net worth. She was not an entrepreneur in the traditional sense, as her invention was patented while she was an employee of the Knickerbocker Plastic Company. However, her invention had a significant impact on the manufacturing industry and revolutionized the way ice cream is consumed.


Alberta R. Richie’s invention of the disposable wooden ice cream stick was a groundbreaking contribution to the food industry. Her invention continues to be a staple in ice cream parlors and grocery stores worldwide. While not much is known about her personal life and net worth, her invention will always be remembered as an essential part of the ice cream experience.

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