S355MC steel plate

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What is equivalent material of S355MC steel plate?

If you want to start a Constuction and you want to use S355MC steel sheets. You should know about their equivalent grades too. This will help you lot to choose the steel plates for your work. The material code for EN 10149-2 S355MC Plates is 1.0976. S355MC comparable grades include grades UNI8890, grade FeE355TM, grade SEW092 QStE 380TM, grade ASTM 050XLK, and grade NFA36-231 E355D. Such equivalent grades are produced in several nations to distinct standards. Under EN standards, S355MC is a European grade.

The United States of America has grade 50. QStE360TM is manufactured in Germany to DIN, WNr standards. SPFH540 grade is made in Japan to JIS requirements. In France, the E355D and E390D grades are specified by AFNOR. 46F35 and 46F40 grades are BS standards in England. In Italy, the FeE355TM grade is used, which is manufactured under UNI grades.

The AE390HC grade is manufactured in Spain to UNE standards. In Sweden, the 2642 grade is utilized, and it meets SS requirements. FeE355 is an international grade that meets ISO criteria. These above mentioned are the equivalent grades of S355MC steel plate with their country’s standards. By comparing various grades, you can choose the best material for the application in different sector.

What is difference between S355MC and S355j2+n plate

S355j2+N is a non-alloy steel with a greater carbon content than S355MC, giving it superior characteristics, like high strength. The structural steel s355j2 n has high strength and may be easily welded using normal processes. The proportion of different components in Grade S355j2+n steel plate varies. S355j2+n has more silicon as compared to S355MC.

The phosphorus concentration in grade S355j2+n is also greater. Grade S355MC has aluminum, vanadium, niobium, and titanium components that grade S355j2+n does not possess. S355J2+N steel has a higher Sulphur concentration than S355MC steel. Both grades have different mechanical qualities. Because of their diverse mechanical qualities, they can be used in a variety of applications across industries.

The S355j2+N class is stronger in composition and concentration and has a greater tensile strength than the S355mc class. The S355mc grade seems to be more malleable and marginally less expensive than the S355j2 +N class. S355J2+n grade does not serve as substitute for S355MC grade. By knowing the difference between these plates, you would able to find the best plates for your operations.

What is S355j2+n plate equivalent grades and hardness?

To begin, you can use equivalent grade of steel sheet ASTM A131 GR. DH36 (minimal yield strength 355 MPa, ultimate tensile 490 to 620 Mpa, thermal treatment using normalized or TMCP, hardness test, Charpy V-notch impact examination @ -20 °C). Furthermore, ASTM A131 Gr.EH36 (minimal yield strength 355 MPa, ultimate tensile 490 to 620 MPa, thermal treatment using normalized or TMCP, hardness test, Charpy V-notch impacting assay @ -40 °C) is equally acceptable.

If not superior to S355J2+N. Similar to A131 GR. DH36 as well as grade EH36, ABS Grade DH36 & ABS Grade EH36 are also both acceptable replacements for S355J2+N steel sheet. Secondly, you might select ASTM A572Gr50 alloy structure steel (minimal yield strength 345 MPa, ultimate Tensile approximately 450 MPa).

Of course, technological Normalized thermal processing and hardness test (Charpy V-notch impacting examination) -20 degrees Celsius for A572Gr50 are included. Furthermore, DIN 17100 St52-3 N (minimal yield strength 345 MPa, ultimate tensile above 490-630 MPa) is a low alloy steel plate.

GB/T1591 Q345D (minimal yield strength 345 MPa, ultimate Tensile more than 470-630 MPa, D indicate done Charpy V-notch impacting assay at minus 20 centigrade). Equivalent grade does not mean the same grades. As a result, any steel grade substitution in any construction must be approved by all parties to the agreement.

What are material properties of S355MC steel plate?

S355MC is the European Specification for hot-rolled steel sheets made of high elastic modulus, thermally and mechanically rolled alloy steel for cold treatments, is EN 10149-2 STEEL Sheets. This standard calls for required elastic modulus of 315 MPa through 460 MPa for widths varying between 1.5 mm to 20 mm. EN 10149-2 S355MC Abrasive wear Protective Steel sheet is a high-carbon alloy sheet that is moldable, moisture-resistant, and tougher because of the inclusion of carbon.

EN 10149-2 S355MC Deepwater Metal sheets have chemical components that withstand corrosion and reduce brittleness, particularly in cold temperatures. S355MC steel sheet is a type of automobile structural steel used to shape the effectiveness of vehicle wheels, frames, as well as other automotive parts. This type of plate is a hot-rolled flattened product with a high-yielding strength.

It has outstanding folding, swaging, cold-bordering, and bending capabilities in both the transverse and longitudinal directions. It substitutes ordinary building steel in applications requiring exceptional strength. S355MC offers weight savings as well as better element strength. This allows for the creation of lighter and more robust elements. S355MC is easily weldable and galvanized.

Are S355j2+n plate imported into Qatar?

S355j2+n sheets are indeed imported into Qatar. All merchants are obliged by law to hold an import license. Qatari residents or the Qatari partner in a private limited business are qualified for an import permit, which needs to be submitted with the Qatar Ministry of Commerce and Industry for import of these steel plates. This regulation also applies to organizations operating in Qatar having 100% shareholdings.

In order to transport items from customs zones at ports or border posts, importers in Qatar must produce a variety of credentials, including a detailed import duties, agreement of transportation, certificate of authenticity, accounting information billing, and import license.

For more details about specific restrictions, consult the Customs and Docks Executive Administration. In national, possession or registration of the items is accessible while the inspection of the commodities at the customs station or as elsewhere authorized by the Director General. For more information on specific restrictions, visit the Customs and Ports General Directorate.

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